Major Email Delivery Improvements Released

Cut Time has just released a major upgrade to its email reliability. We recognize the importance of having a communications tool that meets and exceeds your needs. So we’ve made significant changes to meet these demands. With this new development effort, you’ll be certain your emails are making it to your members – and if you run into challenges, we have a dashboard to see exactly what happened and why.  This is just the first update to our communications platform.  Soon we’ll be upgrading our texting platform as well, which will allow texts to flow to your users without needing to capture their cell phone providers. 

Here’s what you can expect from these investments:

  • Improved reliability
  • Faster delivery to inboxes
  • Auto-scaling to handle the busiest send times
  • New tools for customer support to troubleshoot email-related questions

This won’t be the last of our changes, either.

We’re making significant investments to our team and infrastructure to continue to deliver exciting updates and improvements:

  • We’ve welcomed two new full-time members to our development team. Hi, Adam & Andrew!
  • Squashed 17 bugs this week
  • Deployed a continuous integration tool to bring you faster updates and revisions