End of Year Checklist

Updated May 2021

As the school year comes to an end, there are a series of steps we recommend our customers complete. We have also created a document you can download to have a physical check list.

  1. Reconcile your account ledger.
    • While there is no requirement to tie out or close out any of your financial ledger accounts, we recommend you use this time to review the ledger balances of your members.
    • Run the Financial Obligation – All report and look at the Balance/Available Credit columns to identify any students scheduled to leave your program as a graduate or moving on to another building that might still have an open balance.
    • Attempt to collect payments for any outstanding balances by sending a statement to the members with open balances.
    • If you are unable to collect payment, you will want to “Adjust” the amount owed to your program to Zero to clear out outstanding balances.
    • All balances remain with the member/student as long as they are connected with your program. If they have obligations they still owe for, those balances will continue on into the next year until you make a decision to Adjust them away.
  2. Reconcile all Inventory that has been checked out to your members.
    • Make certain that you have all your instrument and attire inventory returned. Remember using the scanning feature is an easy way to complete this task.
    • With buildings being closed and/or your members inability to access your facilities at this time, this step may need to become a priority once you are able to gain access in the coming months.
  3. Promote your Members by Grade.
    • DISTRICT MEMBERS Please note: If you are part of a district that subscribes to Cut Time, it is very important you coordinate your end of the year promotion. Always start at the highest grade level in the district, (IE 12th grade to Graduate, followed by 11th to 12th etc.) and move down sequentially from there. Middle and Junior High Directors, it is important you DO NOT promote your students to the high school until you verify the high school director(s) have already completed their promotion process.
    • For a step-by-step guide of how to promote your students either within your own school or to a school within your district watch the video below.
    • You may also access help document instructions here.

  1. Create your Groups/Ensembles for the next year.
    • You have two options to help you create your new groups/ensembles:
    • Use the Clone Ensemble process, where you take your existing groups/ensembles and replicate them in their entirety to the new year.
      • Or….
    • Use the New Mass Updater for Groups/Ensembles to build your ensembles from scratch. Below is a quick video on how the Mass Updater works.