Import your own people using the new Direct Import: People tool!

Cut Time is thrilled to introduce you to our latest feature, the Direct People Importer!  In the past, administrators had the options of sending in their people data to our Support Team to be uploaded, using the “5-Field Importer” or entering their members data one at a time. Now Cut Time administrators can upload their members data whenever and as often as they like.  

The Direct Import: People page has a link to the new .CSV template used for uploading your data. You will also find a guided walkthrough video of this process below.

For a short time, Cut Time will continue to provide the option for subscribers to use the Assisted Importer: People alongside the Inventory, Attire and Balance forward option where files are uploaded to our Support Team to populate into your subscriptions, at no cost.  Cut Time currently plans to develop and launch similar direct importers for these other data points in the future.

Access the full help document.

Merge Profiles

We are pleased to also introduce another enhancement tied to importing people.  If you unknowingly import duplicate profiles, program administrators are now able to Merge Profiles.

Access the full help document.

Should you require any assistance, please feel free to call us at 800.310.0087 or email us at, where one of our great Support Team members will be happy to assist you.