Attendance Made Easy – with or without a barcode scanner!

Managing attendance just got easier. This past spring we launched phase one, enabling you to set up your calendar events to take attendance.  Now in phase two, you can use barcode scanners; mark all present with a single button click; grant a new permission level, allowing your members to take attendance; and enable students and parents to see their attendance history within their portals.

The “Mark All Present” button allows you to literally mark everyone in your group present for an event – but then also backtrack to change any of the records for the few who may have been tardy, absent or excused.

Need help with tracking attendance? No problem! Assign a member (or members) partial permission to manage attendance so that you can focus on what you do best.

And now, all this can be done quickly with barcode scanners. Start by generating labels for your members through Cut Time – or use the existing barcodes on your students’ ID (these would need to be uploaded as your existing barcode numbers). You can use any USB scanner plugged into your computer. Or if you prefer to go wireless, purchase a Bluetooth compatible scanner for your tablet, phone or other smart device.

Tip: Some customers like to divide their roster by section, and provide each section leader with a scanner to make the attendance tracking process very quick.

Manage Attendance help document

Scanning barcode for attendance help document