Mid-October Cut Time New Feature Release

Now that school is in full swing, here is a list of of the latest updates to Cut Time!

  • Create Labels for your People on any “Avery” template.
  • Barcode Scanning for Attendance taking.
  • UPDATE – Receive Payments in Financial module
  • UPDATE – Quantity based fundraisers no longer require amount to member.

Create Labels for your People on any “Avery” template.

We have updated our “Print Barcode” process to allow you to print on any label type.  This could be helpful for printing barcodes for attendance (another feature just released), run mailing labels or for printing stand tags.  These print formats and more are now possible. While Cut Time has specified four options in our drop-down list, once you have navigated to the Avery Labels site, simply utilize any of their templates that best suit your needs.  Watch the video overview or click here to see our help document for full details.

Want to use a barcode scanner to take attendance? Now you can.

In March 2020 Cut Time launched our attendance feature as part of the calendar module.  We have now added the ability for you to utilize a barcode scanner to simplify this process.

  • Print out your member barcodes: located under the People module tab.
  • Use any barcode scanner that is paired with your computer or other mobile device to scan your members in.

Don’t have a scanner, but still want to check your students in quickly?

To assist in speeding up the attendance taking process, now use the “Mark all present” button located on each Event Attendance page. Get the full details in our help document.

UPDATEFinancial Module > Receive Payments

Previously within the Financial Module on the Receive Payments screen, all members who were assigned this obligation would appear.  This would be regardless if they had a balance due, a zero balance or had a credit towards the obligation. 

Now, the list of members that will display on this screen will only include those who have an outstanding balance.  

UPDATEFinancial Module > Fundraising

Quantity-Based Fundraisers no longer require you to enter an “Amount to Member’ in order to create or save your Campaign.

These updates come as a direct response from the input we have received from you, our user base. We trust that these updates will serve you and your program well. Be on the lookout for more announcements to come regarding enhancements being worked on within Cut Time. If you have any questions or need our assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-310-0087 or via email at support@cuttime.net.