Product Roadmap Update

From Our Product Manager, Eric Deininger

We’ve promised to keep you up to date on our product roadmap and this is the first update during the Covid-19 dilemma.  Like everyone, we’ve had our share of setbacks during the past several weeks.  However, we are moving forward with many longer-term updates to Cut Time.  We are still dedicated to delivering deep product improvements throughout spring and summer, with a hopeful eye on opening the next school year with a greatly improved Cut Time experience.  Since we began development early this year, we’ve been able to make very important backend/structural changes that form the foundation of these new updates. Our developers have done some major “heavy lifting”.  This includes a re-designed database, modernization of the security layer and an API access layer, as well as initial front-end design. 

Over the next several weeks, we plan on introducing functionality to our internal testing team module-by-module.  We will start with parent/student/staff registration, group management and then all inventory components.  We hope to complete these modules by end of spring.  Next, we will work on calendar/events, communication, volunteering and financials.  We will begin testing completed modules in a formal internal test environment this summer.  We are targeting August 1st to begin showing customers the updates and will formulate our schedule and release plan at that time.   We can’t wait for you to see it! 

While these times are uncertain, we are committed to moving forward with as few delays as possible.  We will be certain to keep you updated regularly.   

Thanks for being a Cut Time customer. 

Eric Deininger 
Product Manager