Mass Assign Inventory

Assigning instruments has just become much easier and more efficient with the launch of our new Mass Assign Instruments feature!

The new functionality can be accessed either of these ways:

  • From the Tools > Mass Updaters drop-down menu – or – 
  • From the Inventory > Instruments/Other, then clicking on the Tools button at the top right of the page, and then clicking on Mass Inventory/Instrument Updater.

The filtering options allow you to choose what instrument(s) you want to assign and which member(s) you wish to assign them to. The “Category” filter automatically defaults to “Instruments.”  If you wish to assign something from another category, simply choose that from the dropdown menu. 

The “Section” and “Item” filters allow you to narrow your search even more to see the exact results you are looking for.  Please note that as you go across and refine the filters, the inventory associated with each of these criteria will be displayed on the page below.  However, the filter drop-down display for each will not change as you go.

A second available search option is to use the “type-ahead” search box located on the right hand side of the screen.  As you type in this search box, your results will appear below in the display field.

Once the list is filtered how you want it, click the “Assign” button.  An alphabetical listing of your members will then be displayed for you to choose from.  

If you want a more narrowed down listing of members to choose from, there is a second set of filters you may use to narrow down the drop-down list. 

You may use this filter to further narrow your listing down by group/ensemble, section, position and/or grade.  

Once you select a member, the assignment will automatically be recorded, saved and displayed on screen with a date and name. A record of the assignment will also be created in the individual member’s profile. 

Click here for more detailed instructions.

If you want to assign a piece of inventory or an instrument to multiple members, then simply follow the steps above to filter to the item(s) you wish to assign and select the next member you wish to assign this item to.  Both members’ names – along with the dates assigned – will then be listed with the item. An assignment record will also be created for each member’s individual record.   

Simply repeat this process until all items are assigned. 

Click here for more detailed instructions.