Easing The Transition To A Digital Classroom

Over the last couple of weeks, we have heard from many of our customers that Cut Time has been very helpful as they pivot to distance learning, so here are some tips to help you make the transition.

Assignments Module:

According to our customer’s feedback, our Assignments module is one of the most significant features within Cut Time that have helped ease the transition of their classroom into a digital one. You can create assignments, upload documents for your students to read or practice, and assign them to your groups, or individual students quickly. From within Cut Time, students can upload their completed assignments easily. Let’s not forget, your students also have the ability to submit an audio (MP3) or video (MP4) file for you to access right in your browser on any device!  

Communications Module:


Cut Time makes communicating with all of your students and parents easy. Using our Email/Text function allows you to quickly and easily compose messages specific to each of your groups and ensembles from anywhere, on any device. 


Our on-screen News feature is a great tool to keep all of your members and parents in the loop with your program. 

Not comfortable in Cut Time yet, or need a little assistance? 

No problem! Our customer support team is here to assist you with anything you need! Need a one-on-one session with one of our members? We’ve got you covered. You can schedule a live video training session with one of our customer support members in the link below.

Cut Time offers many other helpful features, from managing your calendar to organizing your program’s inventory and music library in a digital format, to tracking and communicating financials. Here at Cut Time we value our customers and their programs. We want to see your program succeed whether it’s in a physical classroom or a digital one. To that end, Cut Time is here to do whatever we can to assist you with your distance learning and communication needs!