Don’t Be Tardy In Using This New Feature

Updated March 24, 2020

What is the difference between Event Attendance and RSVP Tracking?
Find out in the video below:

*NOTE – Any previously entered “Event Attendance records” before this new feature will appear here in RSVP tracking.

Event Attendance

There is no more need to track an individual’s attendance in spreadsheets or record it with pen and paper. Keep everything clean and simple with Cut Time. Manage your member’s attendance quicker and easier with our new Event Attendance feature!

To access this new feature simply check the box “Track Attendance At This Event” when you create an event in the Calendar module.

Once the event is created you can record attendance, with a quick check of a box.  You will be able to mark if the member is Present (P), Absent(A), Tardy(T) or Excused(E) and also provide a comment if needed.  There is no need to save your work, as all information on this form is auto saved as you work.

Click here to view the help document.

Since we have recording attendance covered, what about generating reports or looking at a full list of member’s attendance status at these events? Have the freedom of searching for previous events as far back as 3 months. Need a hard copy of any of this data? No problem! You can also print or download a .CSV file from within Cut Time.

Additionally, parents and students will be able to view their attendance history by clicking on the Calendar drop-down in their menu bar and selecting Event Attendance. They will see a listing of all of their events and the status of each.

We continue to work hard at making Cut Time more efficient and easier for our customers to use. The easier and more efficient Cut Time is, the more time you have to get back to doing what you love to do.