An Attire-ly New Update!

We are getting all decked out in our fanciest ATTIRE to bring you this newest update.

We told you we were not finished!  True to our promise here it is, Mass Updating of Attire/Uniforms.

The major difference in this mass updater is the priority is placed on the streamlining the process of assigning multiple pieces of attire at one time to one student or many.

Similar to our other recently released Mass Updaters you have the ability to first narrow your search criteria to find the member by filtering on:

·         Year

·         Ensemble

·         Position

·         Grade Level

·         Gender

·         Students Name

·         Scan Student’s Bar Code

Once you have identified the member you can then assign any pieces of your Attire/Uniform inventory from a simple drop-down menu or by scanning the item.

There is even a measurements tab to reference that members sizes as you go through the assignment process.

When you are done with that member, simply move onto another member in that filtered section, refilter or even scan that members barcode to bring up the next member you wish to assign Attire/Uniforms to.

Hold on…We are not finished yet!  Coming soon you will have the ability to Mass Update Inventory/Instruments.

Come and see this and our other new Cut Time features demonstrated live at this year’s Texas Music Educators Association Event live February 12-15th.