What a year it has been!

We have grown a lot in 2019!

We value our customer’s opinion, greatly and because of this we have worked hard to make Cut Time the best tool it can possibly be. Check out the list of updates and new features we have added to our tool in the year 2019:

  • District Admin Transfer & Loan Inventory
  • Sorting Calendar Events
  • Create Multiple Accounts
  • Search Financial Reports
  • Search within Ledger
  • Members Close Paid Obligation
  • Parent Close Paid Obligation
  • Download a CSV file of Uniforms/Measurements for Stanbury
  • Inventory Images
  • Inventory Check in/out
  • Inventory Contracts
    • Inventory Contracts at Checkout
    • Inventory Contract Builder
    • Inventory Contracts On Demand
    • Upload Inventory Contracts
  • Unlimited Email Attachments
  • Push Existing Event to Google Calendar
  • Google Calendar Colors
  • Custom Member Sign Up Form
  • Ability to Search By Position in Assignments
  • Created Fundraising Module
  • Payment Receipts
  • Send Statements via Link instead of PDF
  • Improved Parent Self-Registration Process
  • View Credit Balances
  • Add Tools Link Button
  • Developed New Mass Updater
  • Improved Creation of Avery Labels

If you haven’t taken a look at the Cut Time tool for some time, now may be a good time to start a free trial! If you’re not quite there yet and need more information, why not schedule a free demo?