MASSively Lighten Your Workload

It’s that time of year…Four calling parents, Three French Madrigals, Two screaming students, and a Stressed Director out of Control! Let Cut Time help you have more control! 

Introducing our new Mass Updating Tools...

From all of your feedback both live at user group meetings and via phone calls, we have taken your suggestions and input in the development of this new and widely anticipated feature.  In fact, the tools name “Mass Updaters” was coined by a Cut Time user in one of our group meetings!

What are Mass Updating Tools?

  • A group of a tools for Administrators to edit information all in one place for a certain set of criteria

How can the Mass Updating Tools help me find my Students/Members in Cut Time?
To narrow search criteria, you may search by:

  • Ensemble
  • Position
  • Students Name
  • A General Search
  • Scan Student’s Bar Code

What Mass Updating Tools does Cut Time offer?
In Cut Time you can Mass Update the Student/Member information all on one page with NO reloads. Once you finish entering the information it will automatically save for you. The following information can be updated with this Mass Updating Tool:

  • Group/Ensemble
  • Credit Balances
  • Email
  • Address Information
  • Phone Numbers
  • Lockers and Combinations
  • Eligibility

Administrators have the ability to keep the filtered group of students they are working with and move between:

  • Telephone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Home Addresses

Administrators simply select from the drop down menu to move between modules to work with the selected group of students

We are not finished yet!  Coming soon you will also have the ability to Mass Update Inventory/Instruments and Attire.

Come and see these features demonstrated live at this year’s Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago, December 18-20th.