Assignments & Required Forms

You chose your career so you could teach music and watch students blossom into talented young musicians.  But too often it may feel like you’re spending more time handing out homework, collecting permission forms and chasing down practice logs then actually teaching music. 

With the newly enhanced Assignments and Required Forms module, we’ve made it easier.  Help your students know exactly how to complete their work by determining task types, due dates, and upload requirements for each assignment. There’s even space for directors to add detailed instructions and add attachments.

At a glance, directors can track which students have completed their Assignments or submitted their Required Forms.  You can even quickly tell if they have uploaded documents or certified they’ve completed a required task. This insight makes reviewing submitted materials and grading within Cut Time faster than ever before!

For more information on Assignments and Required Forms watch this in-depth video covering the module’s functionalities.