Managing your Inventory with Barcode Scanning

Many districts have attire, sheet music, and instruments that need to be distributed to their students.  Throughout the year this can be a long and grueling process, cutting in to the limited amount of time you have for making music. To help speed up your inventory check-in and check-out processes, Cut Time has an easy-to-use inventory management feature that includes barcode scanning capabilities.

Quickly launch the check-out mode to assign items to students and make edits to records – all with the scan of a barcode. This is perfect for any director or booster with a long roster of students to process.


Check-In is just as easy! Scan barcodes, edit item records, and slap Jimmy with a fine for damaging the sousaphone!

If your music program is already using barcodes, Cut Time automatically generates a system barcode that links with your existing barcodes. That simply means you can scan your old barcodes without needing to print hundreds and hundreds of new ones for your inventory!

Watch the video explaining all of the new additions to barcode scanning and how it can improve the way you manage your music program’s inventory.

[wpvideo PLWHvQ9u]

For more information on inventory management and creating barcodes, see our help documents: Cut Time Inventory