Make 2019 Great Using Cut Time

Now that winter break is over and class is back in session, you’re probably ready to jump back into running your music program. Surely there are already a few challenges lined up for the new year already taking up more time than you’d like them to. Make it your resolution to save time and manage your program better than ever before! Cut Time can help you with organizing rosters and inventory, communicating with  your group, and much more.

What’s holding you back? Keep reading to find out some of the top time-saving tasks Cut Time can help you finish faster.

Managing your members

In an ideal world, students would be able to take care of their equipment, keep up with financial obligations, and turn in assignments without any prompting from you. Unfortunately, it takes quite a bit of effort to help students keep everything straight. But with Cut Time, doing so is much easier. You can access any student’s profile to check the status of assignments, equipment information, and any obligations they have outstanding. No more searching through piles of paper and spreadsheets, just pull up the student and get the full picture right away!

Organizing and tracking your inventory

If you need an instrument, uniform, or particular piece of music, it should be a little easier to find than the Holy Grail. Luckily, with Cut Time’s barcoding system, you won’t have to search high and low for your inventory. You’ll know details like where it’s located, which student is responsible for that item, and more – all with a simple scan. Plus, if you already have a barcode system, you can transfer it over to Cut Time and continue barcoding without missing a beat. It’s just too bad Cut Time wasn’t around in the First Century!

Communicating with the right people

Whether it’s start times for rehearsals, permission slips, or volunteer needs, getting information to parents by just giving it to students is about as reliable as tossing your messages to the wind and hoping they land on each family’s doorstep. So instead of relying entirely on hope, we suggest relying on Cut Time. Using our organizational tools to sort parents, volunteers, and even colleagues, you stay in contact with precisely who you need to, with the exact information they require. The only thing to worry about is when and how they’ll respond – so you may still need to rely on hope just a little.

Mobile friendly 

Since you’re probably not walking around with a computer in your back pocket, all of this is mobile friendly. There’s no drop-off in functionality, either. If it’s important to you – and what part of your job isn’t – then you can get it done wherever you are. Did a student stop you in the hall to ask what dues they owe? Maybe you just remembered you need to send a reminder to your group and you just shut down your computer. Whatever the need, you can use Cut Time on your phone or another mobile device to take care of it.

In short, you can manage entire music programs using Cut Time, no matter how many ensembles you have. It’s a lot to juggle, sure, but Cut Time juggles it for you. r have to worry about losing track of what dues are owed, forgetting who has what instrument, or not being able to contact parents and volunteers when you need to. Once you have Cut Time, all you really have to do is remember your password.