Custom Fields

Making music together means connecting with students, building relationships, and recognizing the uniqueness of each member before a single note is ever played.

Cut Time’s Member Profile section provides an extensive list of contact & demographic information any admin would ever want to know about their ensemble members. We’ve heard from many of our Cut Time users that having this complete data has been useful for managing their ensemble, but felt this area of Cut Time could be improved.

One of the top requests we heard for this section was the ability to create customizable fields and have them appear in their Member Profiles. We’re happy to announce that Member Profiles now supports five customizable fields to store the unique information you need to know about your members.

Custom Fields Gif.gif

Create custom fields for members to verify their information, or mark the field as Read Only to display an important message.  You can allow each custom field to display to all members or limit which roles the message displays to by checking off any combination of Students/Members, Parents, or Admins.

If you mark the field as Read Only, the message will appear on selected profiles as a gray box. Only Account Admins will have the ability to edit Read Only fields.

To add custom fields to your member profiles, follow this step-by-step help document: Create Custom Fields