Send Bulk Financial Statements

As an administrator of your Cut Time account, you now have the ability to send financial statements in bulk to your members and their parents.  Whether you need to send monthly financial statements to everyone or just select those who have balances due or  who are past due, you now have the ability to do so.  Additionally, we have added a field so you can customize the message if you need add to the default message already provided.

Under the Financials drop down, select Send Statements.


Make sure you select the school year for which you want to send statements. Cut Time will default to the current school year.


Admins can choose from four buttons across the top to take a specific action: Select All, Select All With Balances Due, Select All With Past Due Balances, Deselect All.

Selection box.png

You also have the ability to select if you wish to send Financial Statements to Students and Parents or Students only.


An optional message box allows Admins to include a personal message to recipients along with their attached finical statement.


For more on creating financial obligations and sending bulk statements see our help center: Cut Time Financials